Friday, 7 August 2009

The New Arrival

For the Collage Play with Crowabout Week 47 Challenge.

And of course George and Arthur are here again and needless to say Sidney is from a surrogate egg! Done in PSP with images courtesy of Nancy Baumiller and the Crowabout Group.


  1. Ali this is hysterical and marvelous! I clicked to get a larger view and slowly scrolled down. When I got to the nest I burst out laughing!

    Is this one of your cards? Do you sell them?

  2. What an adorable family! :)

  3. Oh Ali! Your George & Arthur cards do make me laugh.
    Is there no end to your talents LOL!!

  4. Your humourous use of these 2 delightful characters is brilliant Ali! And, thanks so much for explaining Kubivet to me - I was worried about downloading it in case something nasty crept in! xoxoxo


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