Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is this a Moo?

I keep reading about 'Inchies' & 'Twinchies' & 'Skinnies' and 'Moos' so I thought I'd have a go at a Moo. I got a little information from here but if anyone can tell me any more about any of them I'd be really grateful.

To make this I took a piece of dark brown mountboard,stamped and embossed it using a Hot Off The Press swirl stamp and Moon Glow Two-toned embossing powder in Hyacinth Blue/Jade. The two-tone effect doesn't show up on the scan I'm afraid.

The embellishments are a charm from Artgirlz,some little glitter stickers and a heart from my stash and a piece of ribbon also from my stash. I was intending to fray both ends of the ribbon but only one was willing!

Now you tell me -- is this a Moo?


  1. Ali, I haven't heard of 'inches' 'twinchies' 'skinnies' or 'moos' so I will follow your post with interest.
    Christine xx

  2. I've never heard of them either! Interesting! I'd love to hear more!
    Which part of Leicester are you from? My Mum is in New Parks and my Mother-in-law is in Glen Parva. We almost lived in Groby before we moved to the USA. Great to hear from you, have a lovely day :D

  3. Wow Ali , this is amazing ,you are just so creative. Beautiful Card. I have never ever heard of those. Hugs Rita xxxx

  4. I love your Moo Ali but can't tell you anything about them I'm afraid because I've never made one. Perhaps you should try a Gothic Arch next - they're very addictive!
    Ann x

  5. I haven't ever made a moo so I don't know much about them....but I do know one thing....this is stunning ! I love the way you've done the face with the ribbon....brilliant.x

  6. Hi Ali sorry don't know anything about Moo or the others but its lovely.

    Lorraine x

  7. Ali have left message for you on the forum about Moos. Yes it is one and a lovely one too.
    Love Cynthia x

  8. Inchies are one inch square by the way very tiny.


  9. I'd say that was a Moo Ali but whatever it is, your card is gorgeous. x

  10. Visually stunning - well done! I'd say a Moo - but only cause everyone else has! lol x


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