Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Here's looking at you!

This was created with the help of PSP and My Craft Studio for the challenge at Lots to Do and for that at Crazy Amigo.

I just thought that the being ( I was going to call her a girl but she has wings and black ones at that!) has the most beautiful eyes and would be perfect for the challenge.


  1. The black wings could make her quite intimidating but I agree with you about the eyes. It's a really beautiful image.
    Beryl xx

  2. Do you know, I didn't spot the wings until you mentioned it, I saw the daisies first. I think it is a wonderful image. (I have those eyes) Tee Hee.

  3. She looks like she is weighing someone's fate!

  4. OMG this is brilliant.
    Fantastic work.

  5. Absolutely stunning - thank you so much for joining the Lotstodo Challenge

    x Hilda

  6. It's brilliant the eyes are so captivating
    Beryl x

  7. stunning work Ali - a compelling image beautifully used
    Ann x

  8. Beautifully composed and gorgeous colours!


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Ali xx