Thursday, 19 February 2009

Just a little love...

..this very little house is for the challenge at Dans ma Maison il y a .

It really is tiny - just 1" wide and 4" from top to bottom including the heart finial so it's almost a moo with a roof!

I did it in rather a hurry as the challenge is nearly ended and I didn't want to miss it so I'm not exactly thrilled with how it turned out but, hey ho, a challenge is a challenge!


  1. I like this though Ali, the red and silver work so well together

    Ann x

  2. beautiful house !! merci de ta participation

  3. I always wanted to know what a Moo was. I asked someone once but didn't get an answer back. This is very nice. Thanks for showing it.

  4. That a really good house Ali
    Beryl x

  5. Very good, I haven't even checked this out this week.

  6. It's so cute. I wonder who could live in a house like that.
    Beryl xx

  7. Stunning piece again Ali, colours work well together
    Christine x


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Ali xx