Monday, 2 February 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

This was the view out of my bedroom window this morning. It was snowing heavily then and is again now. Luckily I managed to get out to the village shop to get what to me is essential in the morning -- a daily paper!

I hear that the weather is much worse in other areas, apparently London has practically no public transport so I suppose, for the moment, that in this area we're lucky.

Still, look on the bright side, it's perfect weather for crafting, isn't it?! 


  1. Tee hee, Ali, it's bad here in Solihull!! Your picture looks like a card. I took Jay to school and the roads were horrid, and the snow is coming very strongly now...
    Keep warm and crafty, honey.

  2. No buses in London, No trains on the south eastern line. We are in London and it is really quite heavy snowfall. I am off to make a snowman with the children who are off school. I hope to post some pics later. Pascale :)

  3. Lovely picture Ali, still dry and bright here in Shetland, and not that cold either. I don't need an excuse for staying in a crafting, but I won't get much done if I sit and this infernal machine for very much longer
    Beryl x

  4. I must take a picture of our garden which looks lovely in the snow. Lovely picture Ali, I always think it looks so white but do have concerns for people who have to go to work.
    Will be staying in all day and yipee, get some crafting done, that's if I can tear myself away from blogging LOL
    Christine xx

  5. Beautiful. What a lovely view you have. I love a good snowstorm.


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